Monday, 21 May 2012

Update for May 2012

Script & Print 36.2 (2012) is now with the printer. It should be delivered to Shef by the end of this week and will be distributed by him shortly afterward.

* * * * *

Contents of S&P 36.2

Article 1: Chris Elmore, "A Rediscovered Hazlitt Manuscript"

Article 2: John C. Ross, "Charles Ackers Revisited: Biographical Details and Further Books"

Reviews: The Fanfrolico Press: Satyrs, Fauns & Fine Books (reviewed by (Nathan Garvey); The Lost History of 'Piers Plowman’: The Earliest Transmission of Langland’s Work (reviewed by Gail Blick); The Trans-Saharan Book Trade: Manuscript Culture, Arabic Literacy and Intellectual History in Muslim Africa (reviewed by Ivan Page))


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