Wednesday, 18 March 2009

FaceOut Books

BSANZ member Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario, who is always on the lookout for bookish sites, has uncovered an absolute ripper: FaceOut Books.

This is a blog—"updated every Monday" as they explain—that explores in considerable details "the practice of book cover design." It is done by insiders who "blog about the challenges and outcomes of each publication project."

The designs are fabulous and the information is very detailed. In a recent post on the Penguin James Bond Collection we are given the following information:

Designer: Michael Gillette
Illustrator: Michael Gillette
Publisher: Penguin Books UK
Typefaces: Hand drawn and adapted from old font books.
Genre: Fans of Bond movies.

The following three images show the Initial sketch, second version and final version of just one cover.


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