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Back Issues and Occasional Publications

This is a complete list of BSANZ publications and back-issues that are available from the BSANZ, with prices. (Please note well, however, prices are subject to change. See the latest issue of Script & Print for the most up-to-date information.)

[UPDATE 21 Jan 2010: See here for The latest version of the list of Script and Print Occasional Publications and Special Issues.]

Anyone wishing to purchase back issues of the BSANZ Bulletin or Script & Print (the contents of our back issues are listed in the indexes mentioned here), or BSANZ Occasional Publications, can do so by contacting Pam Pryde, Secretary of the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand at the following email address:

Pam can also be reach at the following postal address:

Pam Pryde, Curator,
Special Collections,
Baillieu Library,
University of Melbourne,
Parkville, Victoria, 3010,

Availability & Ordering Information:

Back issues.

Back issues, except Special Issues, may be purchased at the following prices:

Volumes 1 (1970) to 14 (1990): A$7.50 each
Volumes 15 no. 1 (1991) to 26 no. 2 (2000): A$15 each
Volume 26 nos. 3 & 4: A$30
Volume 28 no. 3 and 28 no. 4 (2005): A$20 each
Volumes 30 no. 1 (2006) to 32 no. 3 (2009) A$20 each

The following issues are no longer available:

nos. 1–3 (1970), vol. 4 no. 3 (1979), vol. 6 no. 1 (1982), vol. 13 no. 3 (1989), vol. 14 no. 1 (1990), vol. 22 no. 2 (1998), vol. 23 no. 1 (1999)

BSANZ Bulletin Special Issues

Volume 15, number 2, 1991 Fredson Bowers Commemorative Issue.
Contributors include David L. Vander Meulen, Clive Probyn, Hans Walter Gabler, Peter L. Shillingsburg, Paul Eggert. 58pp. A$15

Volume 15, numbers 3 & 4, 1991.
Thomas A. Darragh, Frederick Proeschel: Colonial Map Maker A substantial study of this highly important map maker, active in Melbourne between 1853 and 1864. Proeschel’s publishing output includes maps of the Victorian goldfields, the cities of Melbourne, Geelong, Hobart and Launceston, as well as general maps of Victoria and South Australia, and an Atlas of Australasia published in London in 1863. 72pp., 2 folding maps. A$15

Volume 18, numbers 2 & 3, 1994 John Fletcher Memorial Issue.
Contents include Brian Taylor, “Ossian across the Ocean”; Thomas A. Darragh, “Theodore Müller: Victoria’s German Poet”; Wallace Kirsop, “Bendigo’s Nineteenth-Century German Library”; John Emmerson, “Prince Rupert’s White Dog: An Episode in Publishing History.” 118pp., ill. A$15

Volume 20, number 2, 1996 Papers from the History of the Book in New Zealand Conference, University of Auckland, 29 August–1 September 1995.
Contents include David McKitterick, “Perspectives in Two Hemispheres”; Lydia Wevers, “What’s Hot and What’s Not”; Luke Trainor, “British Publishers and Cultural Imperialism 1870–1930”; Ross Harvey, “The Power of the Press in Colonial New Zealand: More Imagined than Real?” 90pp., ill. A$15

Volume 23, number 4, 1999/Volume 24, number 1, 2000 Local Newspapers—Local Identities. Proceedings of the Newspaper History Conference, Chiltern, Vic., 1–3 October 1999.
Contents include Denis Cryle, “Writing and Local Identity: Old Journalism at Moreton Bay”; Peter Dowling, “Catching up on the News: Local, Colonial and Australia-wide”; Leigh Edmonds, “How Radio Changed the Dimboola Banner”; Rod Kirkpatrick, “Dynasties in the New South Wales Provincial Press”; Peter Knox, “Illawarra Literature in Early Newspapers”; Carol Mills, “Newsprint in the Australian Colonies”; Sonia Mycak, “A Different Kind of Regionalism: Community, Identity and the Ethnic Press”; Wendy Smith, “Keeping them Forever: A Rough Guide to Newspaper Preservation”; Dirk Spennemann & Jane Dowling, “Creating a Media Persona: The Case of Handley Bathurst Sterndale”; Elizabeth Webby, “Australian Literature in Regional Newspapers of the 1840s.” 186pp. A$15

Volume 25, number 1 & 2, 2001 Printers and Readers: D. F. McKenzie Memorial Issue.
Contents include Sydney Shep, “Book History and Material Culture”; J. E. Traue, “The Two Histories of the Book in New Zealand”; Lydia Wevers, “The Sociology of Travel Texts”; Roderick Cave, “John Buckland Wright, Engraver and Book Illustrator”; Macdonald Jackson, “Finding the Pattern: Peter Short’s Shakespeare Quartos Revisited”; Shef Rogers, “Uncovering Wycherley’s Miscellaneous remains.” 166pp., ill. A$30

Volume 25, numbers 3 & 4, 2001 Music Printing and Publishing in Australia. Proceedings of the History of the Book in Australia seminar, Monash University, 17 November 2000. Edited by Georgina Binns.
Contents include Wallace Kirsop, “The Walches as Sellers of Music, and their Customers in the 1840s”; Keith Maslen, “Music Selling in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand”; Prue Neidorf, “The Composing and Publishing Ventures of the Marsh Brothers”; Dianne Gome, “The Church and Music Publication in Australia”; Bruce Steele, “Editing and Publishing the Music of Henry Handel Richardson.” 142pp., ill. A$35

Volume 27, numbers 1 & 2, 2003 The Making and Keeping of Books: Art, Genius and Madness. Papers from the BSANZ Conference, University of Adelaide, 27–28 September 2001. Edited by Ray Choate.
Contents include Wallace Kirsop, “Boulard’s Syndrome”; K. K. Ruthven, “From Imaginary Libraries to Ficto- Bibliography: Performing Fiction as Fact”; Robyn Holmes, “Between the Sheets: Two Centuries of Australian Sheet Music”; Maureen Prichard, “Christine Macgregor’s Illustrated Private Press Books”; John McL. Emmerson, “Two Seventeenth Century Book Collectors: Dan Fleming and John Evelyn”; Patricia Holt, “‘It’s Enough to Drive a Bloke Mad’: Norman Lindsay’s Art and Literature”; Marcie Muir, “The History of Prince Lee Boo”; Susan Woodburn, “Making Books for God: Mission Printing in the Pacific Islands and Australia.” 126pp.; ill. A$35

Volume 27, numbers 3 & 4, 2003 Expanding Horizons: Print Cultures across the South Pacific. Papers from the BSANZ Conference, University of Otago, 10 September 2002. Edited by Ian Morrison.
Contents include Susan Woodburn, “Three Pacifi c Mission Presses”; Linda Crowl, “The Introduction of Text Culture in the Pacific Islands”; Sarah K. J. Gallagher, “‘A Curious Document’: Ta Moko as Evidence of Pre-European Textual Culture in New Zealand”; Ian Morrison, “The Cloth, the Catalogue, and the Collectors”; Louise Wilson, “An Investigation into the Origin of the Tapa Specimens Collected by Captain Cook on his Three Voyages to the Pacific”; Wallace Kirsop, “Writing a History of Commercial Circulating Libraries in the Nineteenth Century”; Ross Harvey, “Sources of ‘Literary’ Copy for New Zealand Newspapers”; Paul Hunt, Serial Fiction in the Otago Witness, 1851–1906”; Sydney J. Shep, “Peddling the Convict’s Tale: James Squire’s Beer Labels.” 132pp.; ill. A$35

Volume 28, numbers 1 & 2, 2004 Books and Empire: Textual Production, Distribution and Consumption in Colonial and Postcolonial Countries. Edited by Paul Eggert & Elizabeth Webby.
Contents include Keith Adkins, “Orger and Meryon: Booksellers to the Colony”; Denis Cryle, “Gordon and Gotch from the 1940s to the Present: Regional Distribution and Integration in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea”; Mary Jane Edwards, “Books in the Bush: The Library of the Langtons of Upper Canada/Canada West”; Evelyn Ellerman, “The Roots of Popular Participation in Literature in Papua New Guinea”; Nirmolini V. Flora, “Nineteenth-Century Libraries in the Hill Stations of British North India”; Nathan Garvey, “Under a Deceptious Mask: H. D Symonds and the Publication of Barrington’s Voyage to New South Wales”; John Gouws, “Deneys Reitz and Imperial Co-option”; Marie-Paule Ha, “Colonizing through French-Language Textbooks in Indochina”; Kerry Heckenberg, “The Nineteenth-Century Australian Inland Exploration Journal and Pleasurable Instruction”; Caroline Viera Jones, “Unfortunate Omission: Editing Women out of the Anzac Legend”; Leonard R. Koos, “Reading and Writing Colonial Women: Publication and Representation in French Colonial North Africa”; Edward Mack, “Marketing Japan’s Literature in its 1930s Colonies”; James McCall, “Books and the Nation: Aspects of Publishing and National Identity”; Sydney J. Shep, “Tobacco, Matches and Writing Paper: Colonial Survival Strategies in Rural New Zealand, 1880–1925”; Jane Stafford, “Immeasurable Abysses and Living Books: Oral Literature and Victorian Poetics in Alfred Domett’s Ranolf and Amohia”; Chris Tiffin, “Just a Weekly Compendium? The Independence of The Queenslander”; Lydia Wevers, “Reading on the Farm: A Study of the Brancepeth Farm Library.” 199pp., ill. A$35

Script & Print Special Issues

Volume 29, numbers 1–4, 2005 Paradise: New Worlds of Books and Readers.
Contents include Alberto Manguel, “How Pinocchio Learned to Read”; Caroline Campbell, “Dancing with Tane’s Children”; Duncan Campbell, “‘Zhang Dai’s Passionate Search for Orchid Pavilion’”; Rimi B. Chatterjee, “Outlines of a Discipline: Book History in India”; Kathleen Coleridge, “‘New Books, Just Received from London’ Access to New Publications in Colonial Wellington”; Nicola Cummins, “The Disruptive Witness: A Dunedin Boilermaker and the Manufacture of Cultural Capital”; Paul Eggert, “The Bibliographic Life of an Australian Classic: Robbery Under Arms”; Robert Fraser, “War and the Colonial Book Trade: The Case of OUP India”; Nicola Frean, “Paradise: Your Own Castle and Books from a Catalogue”; Michele Grossman, “Reciprocal Bonds? Re-thinking Orality and Literacy in critical perspectives on Indigenous Australian life-writing”; Nicolas Keene, “Gabriel de Foigny and the Hermaphroditic New World”; Raichel LeGoff, “Greek Island Paradises: Creating a new ‘text’ at the Court of Ferrara”; Edward Mack, “Diasporic Markets: Japanese Print and Migration in São Paulo, 1908–1935”; Peter Marks, “‘And God Saw Everything’: Paradise, Utopia and Surveillance”; Alistair McCleery, “‘Sophisticated Smut’: The Penguin Edition of Lady Chatterley’s Lover in New Zealand”; Kevin Molloy, “Devotion and Acculturation: Irish Print Culture and the Ethnic–Religious Interface in Colonial New Zealand, 1873–1914”; Brian Moloughney, “Monkey and the Journey Back to Paradise”; Ian Morrison, “Boom-town Picturesque: C. B. Walker’s Photographs of Melbourne”; Brian Opie, “The New Zealand Minstrelsy: an emigrant poet affirms his vocation”; Roger Osborne, “Separating the ‘Bookfellow’ from the Bookfellow: A. G. Stephens and the Australian Magazine Reader”; Louise Poland, “‘Sisterhood is Powerful’: Sisters Publishing and Book Club in Australia, 1978–85”; Jane Stafford, “Reading in the Heart of the Bush”; Heidi Thomson, “The Publication of Coleridge’s ‘Dejection: an Ode’ in the Morning Post”; Luke Trainor, “New Zealand Writers Seeking Overseas Publishers, 1870–1914: some issues of Nation and Empire”; J. E. Traue, “A Paradise for Readers? The Extraordinary Proliferation of Public Libraries in Colonial New Zealand”; Noel Waite, “Denis Glover: Printer’s Devil or an Affair with Angels”; Elizabeth Webby, “New Worlds: Australian Readers of the Early 1890s.” ISBN 978 0 9751500 2 3 (pbk) 372pp., 12 colour plates, A$60

Transitus: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Australia and New Zealand. Edited by James Lowry, Margaret Manion and Patrick Spedding.
Contents include: Margaret Manion, “Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Australia: Resources, Research and Opportunities”; Lawrence Warner, “The University of Sydney Statuta Angliae (RB Add. MS 39) and the 45,011 Parish Churches: England’s Most Popular Urban Myth, ca. 1327–1606”; Bernard J. Muir, “Interrogating a Witness: the Case for MS Crouch 10”; Christopher de Hamel, “The Bohun Bible Leaves.” I64pp., 8 colour plates, A$25

BSANZ Occasional Publications

1. J. C. T. Oates, The Manuscripts of Thomas Erpinius, and John Fletcher, Pieter Nuyts and his Album Amicorum. (Out of print)

2. K. I. D. Maslen, Victorian Typefaces in Dunedin, New Zealand. (Out of print)

3. Trevor Mills, Rare Books in Australian Libraries: An Annotated Bibliography. 65pp. ISBN 0- 9598271-2-9 (pbk) A$7.50 (Limited stocks available)

4. Rosemary Foxton, “Hear the Word of the Lord”: A Critical and Bibliographical Study of Quaker Women’s Writing, 1650–1700. 77pp. ISBN 0-9598271-3-7 (pbk) A$20

5. Wallace Kirsop, Books for Colonial Readers: The Nineteenth-Century Australian Experience. (Out of print)

6. Ian Morrison, The Publishing Industry in Colonial Australia: A Name Index to John Alexander Ferguson’s Bibliography of Australia 1784–1900. Names and brief biographical details of the 2,000 Australian printers, publishers and booksellers who appear in Ferguson’s classic Bibliography of Australia. 174pp. ISBN 0-9598271-5-3 (pbk) A$35; ISBN 0-9598271-6-1 A$55. (Limited stocks of the hardcover edition are still available.)

7. Stephen J. Herrin, The Development of Printing in Nineteenth-Century Ballarat. A study of technical innovation in this important regional centre, at one time the fourth-largest city in Australia. Includes an exhaustive listing of Ballarat imprints up to 1900. 152pp., ill. ISBN 0- 9598271-8-8 (pbk) A$35

8. The Culture of the Book: Essays from Two Hemispheres in Honour of Wallace Kirsop, edited by David Garrioch, Harold Love, Brian McMullin, Ian Morrison and Meredith Sherlock. Thirty-five essays ranging across English, French and Australian book history. 504pp., ill. ISBN 0-9598271-7-X (cased) A$100

9. Jennifer Alison, Doing Something for Australia: George Robertson and the Early Years of Angus and Robertson, Publishers 1888-1900 (2009). xiv, 318pp. 16 pages of illustrations. ISBN 978-0-9751500-3-0 (cased) RRP A$55.00. (See here and here for more details).


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