Friday, 28 November 2008

MBC Event, 9 December 2008

"Splendours of Flemish Illumination in the Late Middle Ages: The Contribution of the Master of Antoine Rolin (fl. 1490–1520)."

I am pleased to announce that on Tuesday 9 December 2008 at 5.30PM Anne-Marie Legaré will present, in the McArthur Gallery (Rare Books), off the Redmond Barry Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria, a paper on manuscript illumination in the Low Countries, with the Master of Antoine Rolin (fl. 1490–1520) as a central figure.

Professor Legaré teaches Medieval Art History at the Université de Lille III and is visiting Australia for a conference in Hobart the week before her Melbourne lecture.

Update for November/December 2008

It has been almost three months since my last update and in that time we have sent two issues of Script & Print to press. Unfortunately one of the two (S&P 32:1) came back to us with a few problems (relating to the saturation of the colour images), but these problems have now been resolved and we expect to be stuffing both issues into envelopes in the next week.

Those of you who make it to Anne-Marie Legaré's lecture at the State Library of Victoria on 9 December (details here) will probably get to see copies before anyone else. Given the confluence of subject-matter it seems appropriate if this event also acts as an informal "launch" for S&P 32:1, which is a Special Issue under the title: Transitus: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Australia and New Zealand, edited by James Lowry, Margaret Manion and myself.

Close readers of this blog will notice that there has been a shuffling of issue numbers over the last three months, S&P 32:2 originally having been set aside for Transitus. As the two issues were ready for press at almost the same time I decided that it would probably be preferable if our special issue was paginated 1–64 rather than 65–128, and it is partly for this reason that we plan on making the Harold Love Special Issue S&P 33:1–3 (on which considerable progress has been made). In order to avoid confusion in future I will update my previous Update to indicte this change in numbering.

The contents of S&P 32:1 and 32:2 are set out below. S&P 32:3 will probably contain T. H. Howard-Hill's essay on "W. J. Cameron and The Universal Catalogue of British Literature," Nathan Garvey's "A Dynasty on the Margins of the Trade: The Bailey Family of Printers, ca. 1740–1840" (the first of three on the Bailey family) and B. J. McMullin's "PBSA turns 100" (a review essay on the history of the The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America). It is now to late in the year to get S&P 32:3 to press before xmas, so it will go to press and be distributed early in 2009.

Contents of S&P 32:1

Transitus: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Australia and New Zealand, edited by James Lowry, Margaret Manion and Patrick Spedding

Article 1: Margaret Manion, "Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Australia: Resources, Research and Opportunities."

Article 2: Lawrence Warner, "The University of Sydney Statuta Angliae (RB Add. MS 39) and the 45,011 Parish Churches: England’s Most Popular Urban Myth, ca. 1327–1606."

Article 3: Bernard J. Muir, "Interrogating a Witness: the Case for MS Crouch 10."

Article 4: Christopher de Hamel, "The Bohun Bible Leaves."

Contents of S&P 32:2

Article 1: Alison Rukavina, “This is a Wonderfully Comprehensive Business”: The Development of the British-Australian and International Book Trades, 1870–1887

Article 2: Ian Morrison, "The Writings of Theresa Tasmania: Notes on an Investigation into a Nineteenth-Century Literary Pseudonym"

Reviews: Wallace Kirsop, ed., The Commonwealth of Books: Essays and Studies in Honour of Ian Willison (reviewed by James Raven); Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose, eds., A Companion to the History of the Book (reviewed by Roger Osborne); Robin Myers, Michael Harris and Giles Mandelbrote, eds., Books on the Move: Tracking Copies through Collections and the Book Trade (reviewed by Patrick Spedding); Don-John Dugas, Marketing the Bard: Shakespeare in Performance and Print, 1660–1740 (reviewed by Edmund G. C. King); Elspeth Jajdelska, Silent Reading and the Birth of the Narrator reviewed by (reviewed by Shef Rogers); Henry Handel Richardson, The Fortunes of Richard Mahony (reviewed by Roger Osborne); Juliet Flesch, From Australia with Love: A History of Modern Australian Popular Romance Novels (reviewed by Ian Morrison).

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