Friday, 27 October 2006

Indexes for the BSANZ Bulletin

There are a number of indexes available online for the BSANZ Bulletin (now Script and Print). I thought it might be useful to bring together the links for these indexes.

On the BSANZ site there is an "Index of Authors" and an "Index of Book Reviews" under the link for the Bulletin. These indexes cover volumes 23 to 26 (1999 to 2002).

On the HoBo (aka the 'History of the Book @ Oxford') site there is an index of articles, organised by issue. See here. The index covers volumes 20 to 25 (1996 to 2001).

The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, available in print (here) and by subscription on ProQuest Information and Learning (here), has indexed 112 articles. The index covers volumes 1 to 28 (1971 to 2004).

It is expected that a complete index to all issues of the BSANZ Bulletin, and the new issues of Script and Print, will be available online, free, within 12 months.


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