Monday, 21 May 2012

Update for May 2012

Script & Print 36.2 (2012) is now with the printer. It should be delivered to Shef by the end of this week and will be distributed by him shortly afterward.

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Contents of S&P 36.2

Article 1: Chris Elmore, "A Rediscovered Hazlitt Manuscript"

Article 2: John C. Ross, "Charles Ackers Revisited: Biographical Details and Further Books"

Reviews: The Fanfrolico Press: Satyrs, Fauns & Fine Books (reviewed by (Nathan Garvey); The Lost History of 'Piers Plowman’: The Earliest Transmission of Langland’s Work (reviewed by Gail Blick); The Trans-Saharan Book Trade: Manuscript Culture, Arabic Literacy and Intellectual History in Muslim Africa (reviewed by Ivan Page))

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

CFP: History of Reading Symposium in Melbourne

REVEALING THE READER: Locating the history, present and future of reading. A Symposium (28-30 June 2012).

Centre for the Book, Monash University Melbourne, Australia.

Recent developments in the history of the book demonstrate that an interest in the material history of print culture inevitably leads us to the question of readers. How well can we understand the past, present and future of print culture without examining the uses to which it is put by its audience? This question serves not only to remind us of the primacy of the economic relationship between readers, writers and publishers, but draws our attention to the variety of cultural, social, political, and interpersonal roles that reading has played and continues to play.

Revealing The Reader aims to bring together scholars with a common interest in contemporary and historical reading practices with the aim of showcasing current research in this rapidly expanding field, and providing a forum for discussion and debate on the state of reading research.

Paper proposals may address topics such as:

• Case studies of reading practices and reading communities
• The diverse relationships between reading communities, publishers and authors etc.
• The relationships between reading communities and genre
• Methodologies for researching readers and their practices
• The material trace of reading
• Historical and contemporary evidence of readerships and reading practices
• Locations of reading
• The relationship between individual readers and reading communities (and vice versa)
• Histories of reading
• Technologies of reading
• The role of existing and emerging technologies in revealing readers

This list is not exhaustive, and the conveners welcome submissions from researchers whose work investigates reading practices and readers from the perspective of the sociology of literature, book history, literary studies, mixed methods research, reader response theory, history, cultural studies, and the study of material culture. Submissions from postgraduate and early career researchers are particularly welcome.

Keynote speakers:
• Danielle Fuller (University of Birmingham): a chief investigator in the Beyond The Book research project into mass reading events.
• Susan Martin (La Trobe University): co-author of Sensational Melbourne: Reading, Sensation Fiction and Lady Audley's Secret in the Victorian Metropolis.
• Julie Rak (University of Alberta): author of a forthcoming study on the memoir boom in North America.

Please email 300-word proposals for 20 minute papers, and 50-word presenter bio-notes by Friday 27 April 2012 to conference organisers at: and Pre-constituted panel proposals welcome. Please include the conference title in the subject heading of your email.

The symposium will follow a one day masterclass, led by Danielle Fuller, on Thursday 28 June at the Wheeler Centre Melbourne as part of the ‘Readers and Reception’ Masterclass series, presented by the National Centre for the Australian Studies, School of Journalism, Australian and Indigenous Studies. Information on the Masterclass series is available from or

Monday, 12 March 2012

The BSANZ Bulletin and S&P digitised

The National Library of Australia has digitised a complete run of The BSANZ Bulletin and Script and Print.

If you have access to InformIT (via a research or public library) you can gain access to the files here for The BSANZ Bulletin (1971–2004) and here for Script and Print (2004–2011).

All future issues will be added as published.

BSANZ Website

The BSANZ Website went live late last year, and over the last few months Nathan Garvey has been updating the information on the BSANZ site.

So, for the latest information about the society, its aims, present office holders etc, please mosey along to

Update for March 2012

Script & Print 36.1 (2012) is now with the printer. It should be delivered to Shef by the end of this week and will be distributed by him shortly afterward.

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Contents of S&P 36.1

Article 1: Caroline Breashears, "Desperately Seeking Mary Anne Clarke: Scandal, Suppression, and Problems in Attribution"

Article 2: Donald Kerr, "A Dubious Practice? Henry Shaw and his Grangerizing"

Article 3: Anthony Tedeschi, "Extra-Illustration as Exemplified in A. H. Reed’s Copy of Boswell’s Life of Johnson"

Reviews: The Nature and Uses of Eighteenth-Century Book Subscription Lists (reviewed by Patrick Spedding); Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe and Altered and Adorned: Using Reniassance Prints in Daily Life (reviewed by Andrea Bubenik); The Adaptation Industry: The Cultural Economy of Contemporary Literary Adaptation (reviewed by Francis Bonner)